Invisalign Review – The Making Of The Invisalign Retainers

This part of the Invisalign Review and process is actually pretty cool!

So this is how they make the Invisalign retainers…

The dental hygenist comes in first and brings with him a football mouth guard looking tray for both your top and bottom teeth. He fills them up with the first type of “goop” and the “goop” molds to your teeth after a few minutes of you holding your jaw in the same position. After it hardens, he then takes it out and puts even slimier “goop” into the tray and it takes another few minutes to harden. He then pulls with a decent amount of pressure and the tray pops out. There you have it! A perfect impression of your bottom or top row..

He then does the same for the other row..

Then he manually has you bight down and puts “goop” all around your bite where your teeth meet. He lets it harden and then pulls it out. This last mold is of your bight and how it lines up.

This is where my Invisalign Review gets really cool!

For my invisalign review, my dentist then sent the impressions or molds of my top row of crooked teeth, my bottom row of crooked teeth and then my bight alignment in to the Invisalign people. About two weeks later I was asked to come back to his office and I learned that once the Invisalign people get the molds, they put them into their special computer and it makes an animation of where your teeth are now and where they will be at the time of the last retainer. Each retainer lasts two weeks and the Invisalign people will give an animation file showing your teeth from going from crooked teeth – to straight teeth!

WordPress won’t let me upload the file because it’s a .wmv, but I’ll find a way. Keep checking back with my Invisalign Review for updates!

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