Invisalign Review – Invisalign Attachements – Will People Notice?

So here is the biggest part about my Invisalign Review that I’m not too fond of. My dentist has to file down my teeth and put these little bumps or buttons on my teeth made out of a composite material. These little bumps are called “Invisalign Attachments” or “Invisalign Buttons”.

I know what most of you are thinking…

“It can’t be that bad”, “No one will notice”, etc. Well one attachment has to go on one of my front teeth! Not happy at all.

The purpose of the Invisalign Attachment is to make the trays stay on your teeth. The trays pop on an pop off in a sense..

Has anyone had attachments on their front teeth before? How did they feel? Were they noticeable?

Here is a picture of what an Invisalign Attachment looks like…

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