Invisalign Review: Why It Is So Important To Brush And Floss After Every Meal

I Think I Have 3 Cavities…

Bad Invisalign Review… Yep, 3 cavities! I havent had a cavity in 5 years and within my first month with Invisalign, I counted 3 on my bottom row. I’m no dentist or ortho, but the are tiny black dots on the bottom row of my molars. They wont brush away and they look like cavities.

My Invisalign Review – I’m Not Happy

If I have 3 cavities in my first month with Invisalign, how many will I have next month? Or the month after that? and so on? I’ve been brushing and flossing like crazy but here’s a few thinks that might’ve contributed to the problem.

I went on a trip and after a few meals put my retainer back in after swishing water and brushed approximately an hour after eating.
I drank diet soda with my retainers in
I didn’t focus entirely on brushing my retainer as much as I should’ve
This sucks! I don’t have the money to pay for 3 cavities to be filled right now ($300). How will this affect my Invisalign retainers and how they fit in my mouth? Ahh!! It just sets me back in a ton of ways.

It just really sucks because so many on my friends that have had the treatment seem to put their Invisalign trays in and take them out haphazardly to the point where it seems that it doesn’t even matter if they brush or not, their teeth are getting straightened and their not getting any cavities. This is a huge scare! My dentist told me that I would have to brush and floss alot but I never really thought of the reprecussions of not brushing or flossing correctly. I’m not happy about this.

Of course it doesn’t help that right afterwards (after realizing that I may have a few cavities) I went online and started “googling” about it and of course I started to hear all the horror stories. People writing their own Invisalign Review, talking about getting cavities, having their cavities progress into root canals, and then their root canals causing their faces to eventually fall off. Really Google?! This is crazy, I think I’m done with googleing health problems and building my own sense of me being a hypochondriac.

I have an appointment with my dentist on Tuesday morning. Wish me luck! I’ll post the results in my next Invisalign Review where I learn the importance to brush and floss after every meal.

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