Invisalign Review – Cavity Scare

I just got back from my dentist and the three cavities that I had found turned out to be bruises and stains on my teeth

I guess I’ve never noticed them before but my dentist had said that they’ve been there for quite some time. He showed me a picture from before they had made my Invisalign molds and the stains and bruises were previously there. So far, a totally positive Invisalign Review.

I’ve been brushing and flossing a ton and I thought that I had been doing a great job. My dentist reassured me that I was doing a great job keeping my teeth clean and to keep on taking great care of my teeth.

A few things that I’ve learned from my Invisalign Review and Cavity Scare:

My overall Invisalign Review has shown me how vital it is to brush and floss properly and rinse your teeth after eating
To checkout your teeth on a more regular basis (look in the mirror, etc)
Never eat and then put your Invisalign retainers on over food without brushing, flossing, etc. If you do It’s very easy for bacteria to grow
Don’t let dental/health online forums get you worked up about your health. I “googled” cavities with Invisalign right when I saw these few black or dark spots on my teeth and every site/message board told me that this minor detail was the absolute worst case scenario. “You’ll need crowns”, “It’s only going to get worse”, “They’ll have to discontinue your Invisalign because the fillings will change the shape of your molars” – All not true. If you have questions on anything dealing with dentistry (or any problems) … please go see your dentist or ortho (or doctor).
The biggest rule of thumb to follow (and what I’ve learned from my ongoing Invisalign Review) is that with this treatment you MUST continue to brush and floss regularly and overly. I’d would honestly recommend about 6 times a day depending on what you eat and the frequency of eating. There’s plenty of times where food and gunk can get stuck in the crevices of your teeth. It’s kind of scary to think about that you potentially could have a ton of money invested in this treatment and then you may have to spend a ton more in additional treatments that would have you spending more time in the dentist chair and less time enjoying life. Also the cost of fixing cavities is totally not worth it. Depending on your insurance plan you can expect to pay somewhere around $100 per cavity. On top of all that, there is a chance that if the cavity gets worse and is not treated that it could develop into a possible root canal. And believe me, root canals are not fun! My overall Invisalign Review could of taken a turn for the worst! I guess I’ll keep brushin, flossing and up with the maintenance.

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