Invisalign Review – My First Day Of Invisalign (1/26)

First off, The good news in my Invisalign Review. Surprisingly! They’re not noticeable, or not as much as I thought. And with the retainers out and only the attachments in my mouth.. not really visible at all. I’ll put up pics later today
I went in to the Dentists office at 1:45pm for a 45 min procedure where the dentist puts on the Invisalign attachments. That wasn’t painful at all and wasn’t bad. I have to have 7 “attachments” or what he called”buttons” on the top row and 3 on the bottom row.

I actually feel pretty comfortable without the retainers in my mouth but there is a ton of pressure on all my teeth going in opposite directions which is really irritating. I feel like a pissed off teenager actually. And also the corners of the retainers are kind of jagged and can be very uncomfortable on the corners or my gum line and inside of my mouth. I guess all this is normal though…

The toughest part..

The toughest part about this whole thing and my Invisalign Review is the fact that you can’t snack!… Well you can but it’s so hard to. I mean it’s fun to brush and floss after eating anything but… Well actually the worst part about this whole eating thing is popping the retainers in and out.. Horrible. I guess I chew my nails a ton so its kinda rough on me trying to get the trays out not being able to use my fingernails at all. The good thing is the fact that I’ll stop my horrible habit of chewing my fingernails.


I’m still going to make a huge effort to continue eating as much as I do however.. not as much snacking. Still 6 meals a day but larger meals without the constant all day snacking. Yes, tough.. I know

Well it’s the morning of day 2 and I still have alot of pressure on my teeth. I know, pretty rough Invisalign Review so far. I’m allowed to take ibuprofen to get rid of some of this pressure, which I’m about to do now. I just gotta keep in mind the fact that the end result will definitely be worth it.

Has anyone been through this before had similar feelings towards the Invisalign process or Invisalign Review?
Need some motivation and peace of mind…

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