Invisalign Review – Invisalign Pictures Before The Procedure

I’ve obtained pictures for my Invisalign Review of my crooked teeth from my dentist..
Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (front profile)

As you can see on the left side of the picture, I have a noticeable gap that bothers me the most out of all the problems that i have with my teeth. The fact that I have fangs bother’s me a little bit too because it’s noticeable in pictures. Both fangs on the top are slightly turned outward. Invisalign would angle them inword eliminating the gap.

Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (left side profile)

This side isn’t as bad. No gap between the teeth, just the tooth next to the front tooth on the top row is a little bit recessed.

Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (right side profile)

In this picture of my crooked teeth, you will be able to notice what the ortho’s were talking about in terms of needing braces with rubber bands. As you can see, I have a bit of an underbight. My top teeth actually hold my bottom teeth in. The concern was that the bottom teeth would lay outward more and come out beyond the top two front teeth. My dentist and the Invisalign animation showed that It probably wouldn’t happen… This is where I’m taking a chance…. :S

Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (bottom profile)

Notice that the bottom row of teeth is crooked and crowded…

Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (top profile)

The top row of teeth isn’t as bad but you can see that the teeth next to the front two are a bit recessed…

I hope that these pictures will help you understand my situation during my Invisalign Review and where Invisalign will take me.

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