Invisalign Review – Retainer 6/26 (New Orleans Trip)

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My Last Invisalign Retainer Was A Rough Two Weeks

I was on vacation and It was hard to brush and It was hard to keep up with my ongoing Invisalign Review. What can I say.. I was In Louisiana, had a ton of great food and just didn’t want to carry my toothbrush around with me during my whole vacation. I probably spent a total of 17 hours/day with my retainers in throughout the entire trip. Not bad, just not what my dentist would recommend. I didn’t want to stain them with all the hurricane drinks that I was consuming
I’m Dumb, But Curious

I wanted to test out a little experiment for all my followers and record the results on this Invisalign Blog and in my Invisalign Review.After my last day of wearing Invisalign, I tried puting in a previous retainer.. just to see how it would feel. Believe it or not, it was extremely difficult which proves that my teeth are definitely moving! Excited about that

I’m Still A Bit Shy With My Invisalign On My Teeth

I still am a bit self-concious when my Invisalign is in. It’s strictly because of all the attachments in my mouth. I feel with the Invisalign Retainers in, you can definitely see them and that people notice them. Kind of bums me out but whatever. It is what it is. I guess I will just tend to keep taking them out when I go out on special occasions (dinner, weekend nights, bars, etc). The fact that they are the least bit noticeable is one of the few negatives for my Invisalign Review.

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