Invisalign Review – My Teeth At The End Of Invisalign Retainer 1/26

For my first Invisalign Review I don’t really notice a whole lot of change but that’s normal. This was the first Invisalign retainer out of the 26 that I’m supposed to have.
What I’ve learned in the first two weeks of Invisalign

At first I was really stressed out… “Is this noticeable?”, “Can people see my Invisalign attachments?”, “Will this pain/pressure ever go away?”, “Will this lisp ever go away?”, “1 year of this?!”. These were all thoughts running through my mind right after I left the dentist’s office.

Invisalign is not noticeable

Atleast in my situation. I had one person ask me what was on my teeth in 2 weeks. That’s pretty good.

People can’t even see my Invisalign buttons or attachments

I showed my coworkers my teeth and no one admitted to seeing my attachments. My dentist did a great job of blending them with the color of my teeth. This was the part that I thought that I would be the most self-concious about however the attachments aren’t bad.

The Invisalign pressure goes away!

In my Invisalign Review, I noticed that within about 3 or 4 days the pressure from the Invisalign retainer totally subsided. You’re teeth will move, then the Invisalign retainer will hold them in place. By the end of your second week, they will be really loose and super easy to get off.

The truth about the Invisalign lisp

The lisp goes about 90% away. I still feel like I talk with a minor lisp. This might just be me. I kinda feel like I talk like that anyway.

My first Invisalign Review is not bad at all!!

It’s been going great and it’s only the beginning of week 3. I will definitely keep you posted so keep checking updates on my Invisalign Review.

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