Invisalign Review – My Teeth 2/26

I planned on putting in my new Invisalign retainer (number 3/26) last night before bed but forgot. I ended up putting it in this morning.

My Invisalign Review – I noticed alot of pressure but just when I put in retainer 2, I’m used to it now. If the pressures too much too handle (it was only bad the first day), I’ll take an Advil until it goes away.

So far with my Invisalign Review, it looks like things are going good! I’m totally used to it by now. I’m not as self-concious as I was at first with the shiny Invisalign retainers in my mouth, Nobody can notice it, and I haven’t noticed any visual differences but hopefully my teeth are moving the right way. Here’s my teeth at the end of Invisalign retainer 2 of 26

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