Invisalign Review – Retainer 4/26 “Moving Along”

I just put in my 4th Invisalign Retainer and things are going pretty good

What a scare last week.. Cavities?! That’s the last time I have friends with no dental background double-check my teeth for me, ha! The dark spot turned out to be nothing, so thats good. My Invisalign Review could of “gone south” real fast!…

Invisalign Retainer No. 4 and

This one wasn’t bad at all in terms of the initial pressure you experience when you first put the Invisalign Retainers teeth. I gotta admit though that lately I havent been wearing them the full 22 or 23 hours a day. I’ve had a few functions and dinners where I had removed them for an extended amount of time and placed them in a napkin in my pocket… I know.. bad!

So here’s what my teeth look like at the end of Invisalign Retainer No. 3 and going into Invisalign Retainer No. 4

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