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Your health is very important to you, and you do all you can to take good care of it. You work out multiple times a week and you watch what you eat. You also make sure to maintain good oral hygiene, because you know that your oral health can have an impact on the health of other parts of your body, including your heart. You follow your daily dental hygiene routine religiously, making sure to brush your teeth at least two, and preferably three, times a day. You also make sure to floss every night before you go to bed. You see your dentist twice every year so you can get an exam and professional cleaning. Of course, all of these special attention pays dividends; you have beautifully healthy teeth and gums. What you do not have, however, is a smile that you love, one you are proud to show off whenever the mood strikes you. This is because you have crooked teeth, and you cannot stand for others to see them. Unfortunately, this is not an issue brushing and flossing will fix. san antonio orthodontist - invisalign braces

After dealing with this self-consciousness surrounding your smile for as long as you can remember, you have decided it is time for a change. You are finally going to take the plunge and begin to visit an orthodontist so you can be set on the path to braces. Soon, you will have straight teeth and a smile you love showing off to everyone you meet. However, you are still nervous about this decision you have made. The idea of getting braces and spending months or even years with a mouth full of metal is not a pleasant one, even if it will give you the results you desire. The changes to your appearance and the pain and discomfort you are sure to experience worry you.

Luckily, though, there is a way to avoid those things that are worrying you and still get the straight teeth you want. Invisalign braces are an alternative way to straighten your teeth without going through the hassle of traditional metal braces. What are Invisalign braces, and how are they better than other types of braces? Today, we are going to talk about that!

What are Invisalign Braces?

A clear aligner system, Invisalign braces straighten the teeth without the use of brackets, bands, and wires. Aligner trays are used instead. These trays, which slide over the teeth, are clear and do the work of pulling the teeth into their proper positioning. The trays come in sets of two, one for the top row of teeth and one for the bottom row. Because they are invisible, no one but the wearer knows they are there. Every tray is custom-made for the wearer using 3D modeling technology. The sets are changed out every two weeks in favor of a new set that will continue the progress. Treatment with Invisalign braces will take anywhere from 9 to 18 months to complete, so 18 to 36 sets of trays will be used.

Why are Invisalign Braces a Better Option?

We have already mentioned one of the qualities that makes Invisalign braces so popular, especially for adult braces, and that is that they are invisible. Many adults choose not to get braces, instead they suffer from a smile they are not happy with because they worry that having a mouth full of metal would have a negative effect on both their personal and professional lives. To many, braces look juvenile and immature, probably because they are used to seeing them on kids and teens. The invisibility of Invisalign braces completely eliminates this problem.
Dental hygiene is also easier to maintain with Invisalign braces as opposed to traditional metal braces. With all the brackets, bands, and wires that come with traditional metal braces, crevices are created. These crevices catch food particles and bacteria and are very difficult to cleanout. That means that the wearer is more likely than normal to develop oral health problems, such as plaque build-up and tooth decay. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, are removable. That means that when it is time to brush and floss, the trays are simply taken out and everything is done how it has always been done. There is simply no added oral health risk.
Furthermore, there is considerably less pain and discomfort with Invisalign braces. While all the different parts of metal braces protrude from the teeth and rub against the inside of the mouth, creating painful friction sores, the Invisalign trays are smooth. That means there is no painful irritation created.

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