Invisalign Review – Is Invisalign Worth It?

How I made the decision to create an Invisalign Review and straighten my crooked teeth

Like I told you before… I’ve been planning to straighten my crooked teeth for a while. I just had to do my own research though.

How I chose which dentist and/or orthodontist to perform my Invisalign procedure

I first learned about it from my dentist upon a scheduled cleaning. My dentist looked a my teeth for a brief moment and said that I would be a good candidate for Invisalign, no big deal right? I then wanted to get a few other opinions from a few other dentists and orthodontists.

The second person I went to so I could jumpstart my Invisalign Review was the orthodontist that one of my good buddies that works on my fire crew, his wife works for. He looked at my teeth and said that my case was very minimal compared to others that he has had. He then showed me a book of a ton of testimonials’ before and after shots with having the Invisalign procedure done and the results were amazing. For some reason I just didn’t feel comfortable though in his office. It was very busy and really made me appreciate the dentist I’ve had for years. This orthodontist was an “elite Invisalign provider” and apparently teaches other othos and dentists how to do the procedure. All in all, Everything is looking good… I know that the procedure will work for me. I’ve had 2 positive opinions in my Invisalign Review from both a dentist and an orthodontist on how Invisalign will definately improve my smile. Things are looking good!

It doesn’t hurt to shop around with Invisalign

With all the various pricing out there, I thought maybe I could find better pricing for my Invisalign Review through family friends and other options so I still thought I would look around at my other options out there in terms of dentists and orthodontists in the valley.

My brother had a very noticeable under bight for years and recently finished going through a long and technical procedure where his ortho had to break his jaw, reform it, let it heal and then go through with braces. I felt really bad for him at the time but his teeth look great now and he loved the ortho that did the procedure. So I set up an appointment with his ortho and that’s when my opinions changed…

Appointment came around, went down to his office, his dental hygenist took a ton of very uncomfortable pictures with those metal brackets in my mouth, he took a few minutes to review them, and… He said ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was thinking “seriously?”. I knew I had to put this part in my Invisalign Review.

Traditional braces?!.. Absolutely not!…

He explained that I have a slight underbight and and that Invisalign won’t give me the results I desire. He then recommended traditional braces with rubber bands… ABSOLUTELY NO WAY… Im 27, not married and I’m too old… and for 2 years!!!! I was blown away. There was no way I was going to wear braces with rubber bands for two years. I wasn’t going to go through with it with my brother ortho… obviously..

So this last ortho kind of scared me. I set up 1 more appointment with the fire engineer (the guy that drives the truck) who works on my fire trucks’ sister in law who is an ortho.. and guess… she said the same exact thing!? I was a little bit devastated to tell you the truth.. After years of wanting to fix my smile, I had my heart set on Invisalign and now told that I can’t or at least, shouldn’t go through with it because I won’t be happy with the results. So I sat long and hard and thought about everything. I had realized that dentists/orthos that the people that they could do it no problem said that “its not going to be perfect but its going to be a huge improvement”. The dentists/orthos that said that I couldnt or shouldnt do Invisalign demanded perfection. I don’t need perfection at this point… I need a fix. That’s my conclusion!

Regardless of what some othordontists say – I’m still going with Invisalign over tradtition braces

So the whole thing I’m banking on right now is that this procedure works still going through with Invisalign & my Invisalign Review and not having to go through with braces and rubber bands.

I’ve made my decision! I’m going through with Invisalign!!! Wish me luck!..

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