Invisalign Review – Top 3 Reasons Why Not To Be Afraid Of Getting Invisalign Attachments

It seems like every Invisalign Review out there talks about people keep wanting to know about the Invisalign Attachments or Invisalign Buttons. They’re really not that bad! I’ll be the first to admit, at first, I was extremely reluctant to get these little tooth enamel colored attachments or buttons on my teeth. However after having Invisalign for over a month, I’ve realized that the Invisalign Attachments are the biggest overrated part of the treatment.My Invisalign Review so far has been pretty good. No one notices them or mine atleast – and I have 7 Invisalign Attachments and one attachment resides on an upper front tooth.

Reason 1 : Invisalign Attachments (Invisalign Buttons) aren’t noticeable

These attachments are made to blend in with your teeth. Your dentist or ortho went to dental school for this reason. He’s a professional and can make it blend in with your tooth color. Just make sure you keep your teeth as white as possible. I was really surprised how well my dentist blended my Invisalign Attachments with the color of my teeth. I mean you cannot tell the Invisalign Attachment from my teeth at all! It’s really amazing what they can do with these things. I’m just so glad that I have these small tooth colored Invisalign Attachments on my teeth and not huge metal clunking braces.

Reason 2: It doesn’t hurt when they are attached to your teeth

I was scared about this part. It was a little bit uncomfortable but still not bad. I think I was just apprehensive to see what they looked like on my teeth. My overall Invisalign Review of the process to put the attachments on my teeth was not that bad at all.

Reason 3: The Invisalign Attachments (Invisalign Buttons) DO NOT hurt the inside of your mouth.

When you leave the dentist or ortho office for the first time after getting them, you will have your Invisalign retainers in so you won’t really notice but the first time that you feel them inside your mouth, they will feel sharp and uncomfortable. This soon goes away within a few days. Your tongue and rest of your mouth gets used to the Invisalign Attachments and you will soon forget about them and your Invisalign Review and experience won’t be all that bad.

And finally the part of my Invisalign Review to make you feel better…

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