Invisalign Review – Day 4 – Invisalign Isn’t That Bad!

It’s Day 4 and things are looking better

Invisalign Review Thus Far:

-I’m getting accustomed to talking with the Invisalign retainers on my teeth.

-Only one person, a good friend, had noticed the retainers on my teeth. Everyone else seemed to have no idea.

-The pain has gone way down and they are much easier to take off my teeth.

-I am still a little self-concious of the retainers being on my teeth. I just feel more comfortable with them off.. I guess that’s what it comes down to.

Most of all, I think most of it is in my head. I’m just not totally used to having these things in my mouth but I am getting used to them fast. I can take them out for eating periods during the day and that’s a big relief. That’s when I feel the most comfortable in public is when I have them out. It’s still early in the process and my Invisalign Review tho and I think its only going to get easier.

One of my biggest predictions before my Invisalign Review and procedure was wrong

I initially predicted that the Invisalign attachments would be the most noticeable on my teeth when they retainers weren’t on my teeth. This is not true. My dentist did a great job of blending the attachments in with my teeth color and making them totally unnoticeable. Bottom line… THE INVISALIGN ATTCHMENTS AREN’T THAT BAD/NOTICEABLE

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