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Invisalign Review – Is Invisalign Worth It?

How I made the decision to create an Invisalign Review and straighten my crooked teeth Like I told you before… I’ve been planning to straighten my crooked teeth for a while. I just had to do my own research though. How I chose which dentist and/or orthodontist to perform my Invisalign procedure I first learned […]

Invisalign Review – Here’s A Little Bit About Me

My names Justin and I’m creating an Invisalign Review. I’m a 27 year old guy from AZ who works in public safety.I graduated from ASU in 06 and I have a passion for music.I also have a passion for staying in shape! Crossfit, working out, etc. I play both guitar and piano, guitar for 15 […]

Invisalign Review – Welcome to my Invisalign Blog

Okay… I’m not going to lie… I’m a little bit nervous about doing this Invisalign Review but I feel that it will help me go through with this whole Invisalign experience just a little more smoothly. A little history about me for my Invisalign Review I’ve always been a little bit selfconcious about my teeth… […]