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Invisalign Review – Invisalign Attachements – Will People Notice?

So here is the biggest part about my Invisalign Review that I’m not too fond of. My dentist has to file down my teeth and put these little bumps or buttons on my teeth made out of a composite material. These little bumps are called “Invisalign Attachments” or “Invisalign Buttons”. I know what most of […]

Invisalign Review – Invisalign Pictures Before The Procedure

I’ve obtained pictures for my Invisalign Review of my crooked teeth from my dentist.. Crooked Teeth, Before Invisalign (front profile) As you can see on the left side of the picture, I have a noticeable gap that bothers me the most out of all the problems that i have with my teeth. The fact that […]

Invisalign Review – The Making Of The Invisalign Retainers

This part of the Invisalign Review and process is actually pretty cool! So this is how they make the Invisalign retainers… The dental hygenist comes in first and brings with him a football mouth guard looking tray for both your top and bottom teeth. He fills them up with the first type of “goop” and […]