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Invisalign Review – Retainer 4/26 “Moving Along”

I just put in my 4th Invisalign Retainer and things are going pretty good What a scare last week.. Cavities?! That’s the last time I have friends with no dental background double-check my teeth for me, ha! The dark spot turned out to be nothing, so thats good. My Invisalign Review could of “gone south” […]

Invisalign Review – Top 5 Invisalign Questions I Have

I’ve got a couple questions to ask people who have already had and finished their Invisalign Treatment… 1. How soon did you notice progress or your teeth actually move? 2. Did anyone actually find that it was easier to get cavitites while having the Invisalign procedure done? 3. How much does it cost to get […]

Invisalign Review – Cavity Scare

I just got back from my dentist and the three cavities that I had found turned out to be bruises and stains on my teeth I guess I’ve never noticed them before but my dentist had said that they’ve been there for quite some time. He showed me a picture from before they had made […]