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Invisalign Review: Why It Is So Important To Brush And Floss After Every Meal

I Think I Have 3 Cavities… Bad Invisalign Review… Yep, 3 cavities! I havent had a cavity in 5 years and within my first month with Invisalign, I counted 3 on my bottom row. I’m no dentist or ortho, but the are tiny black dots on the bottom row of my molars. They wont brush […]

Invisalign Review – Top 3 Reasons Why Not To Be Afraid Of Getting Invisalign Attachments

It seems like every Invisalign Review out there talks about people keep wanting to know about the Invisalign Attachments or Invisalign Buttons. They’re really not that bad! I’ll be the first to admit, at first, I was extremely reluctant to get these little tooth enamel colored attachments or buttons on my teeth. However after having […]

Invisalign Review – My Teeth 2/26

I planned on putting in my new Invisalign retainer (number 3/26) last night before bed but forgot. I ended up putting it in this morning. My Invisalign Review – I noticed alot of pressure but just when I put in retainer 2, I’m used to it now. If the pressures too much too handle (it […]