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Invisalign Review – “How Much Is Invisalign?”

Invisalign Price? It seems that in my Invisalign Review the question that is on everyone’s mind that visits my blog is – “How Much Is Invisalign?” Here’s a breakdown of mine… Invisalign consultation………… Free Creation of molds………………… Free Invisalign animation and projection of what teeth will look like……. Free (At this point, once you agree […]

Invisalign Review – My Teeth At The End Of Invisalign Retainer 1/26

For my first Invisalign Review I don’t really notice a whole lot of change but that’s normal. This was the first Invisalign retainer out of the 26 that I’m supposed to have. What I’ve learned in the first two weeks of Invisalign At first I was really stressed out… “Is this noticeable?”, “Can people see […]

Invisalign Review – Moving Along To Invisalign Retainer 2/26

I just put my second Invisalign retainer is in! I feel a little pressure but its not that bad. The pressure is the worst part of my Invisalign Review this week. Not nearly as bad as the first day of the first retainer. I also have adapted to pulling them out and puting them in […]