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Invisalign Review – How To Clean Invisalign Retainers

At first, cleaning my Invisalign retainers seemed a bit intimidating. Before I even get the Invisalign tray and start my Invisalign Review my dentist started lecturing me on cleaning my trays. My dentist said to get those fizzy tablets that old people put their dentures in and clean them like that. Another person in his […]

Invisalign Review – Day 4 – Invisalign Isn’t That Bad!

It’s Day 4 and things are looking better Invisalign Review Thus Far: -I’m getting accustomed to talking with the Invisalign retainers on my teeth. -Only one person, a good friend, had noticed the retainers on my teeth. Everyone else seemed to have no idea. -The pain has gone way down and they are much easier […]

Invisalign Review – My First Day Of Invisalign (1/26)

First off, The good news in my Invisalign Review. Surprisingly! They’re not noticeable, or not as much as I thought. And with the retainers out and only the attachments in my mouth.. not really visible at all. I’ll put up pics later today I went in to the Dentists office at 1:45pm for a 45 […]