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Invisalign Review – Sometimes These Trays Destroy My Lips

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This happens from time to time I’ve noticed and I’d like to talk about it a bit in my Invisalign Review. Every now and then, this has actually happened about five or six times since I’ve started with my Invisalign treatment. What happens is that the Invisalign trays (or only my Invisalign trays) seem to […]

Invisalign Review – I’ve Been Bad

Yesterday was my first Invisalign Review blog post back in a long time and It’s very good to be back. However I got to fill you in on something that I probably shouldnt be telling you or my dentist. I’ve been kind of bad or lazy with some of the cleaning of my Invisalign Retainers […]

Invisalign Review – I’m Back!!!

My Invisalign Review continues! Sorry for the delay everyone who has been following me. I’ve been extremely busy with working a few different jobs, family issues and a few others things going on. Also my dentist had to have the Invisalign people send for more trays at tray number ten. A lot has changed and […]