Invisalign Review – I’ve Been Bad

Yesterday was my first Invisalign Review blog post back in a long time and It’s very good to be back. However I got to fill you in on something that I probably shouldnt be telling you or my dentist. I’ve been kind of bad or lazy with some of the cleaning of my Invisalign Retainers sometimes.

Lazy With Cleanings

Yes its true, I have been very lazy with the cleaning of my Invisalign Retainers lately and It’s been so bad that I didn’t even want to put this into my Invisalign Review. I know your probably thinking… oh no, this could be bad. Well it hasn’t really got bad yet and maybe it isnt that bad. The problem is, I’ve just been so busy. I’ve been sick of carrying my messy tooth brush around with me, sick of carrying my dental floss around with me, having to head home after ever time I snack or eat so lazy that sometimes I just swish some water around in my mouth, call it good and then put them back in for a little while until I can get home to brush.

I know it’s bad, Im just sick of all the maintenance. I still am managing to brush and flosh a alot though and will continue while doing my Invisalign Review, however it’s gotten to the point where I’m kind of getting tired of it. I know I’m almost hlf way done with my Invisalign Review and it has flown by so fast, however I must keep up with the work on my teeth and keep up with the cleanings or I might get cavities.

I’ve Been Busy

I think also a big part of why I havent been cleaning and why I havent kept up with my Invisalign Review is just because Ive been extremely busy lately and don’t know when it will calm down for me. Hopefully things calm down kind of soon because I’m getting pretty tired of working so hard on some work projects and have some family things going on. Hopefully things will get better but right now cleaning isn’t as big of an issue to me as keeping up with checking in with you guys on my Invisalign Blog or Invisalign Review. This invisalign blog sometimes can be the only thing that keeps me going with this invisalign review process although it’s not that bad, It just gets old sometimes.

My Invisalign Review still is going well and I still will continue to keep you post with my Invisalign Blog. Please keep checking back with my Invisalign Review as I’m going to be updating quite frequently. I really hope you enjoy my Invisalign Blog and hope that this will definitely help you to see if Invisalign is something for you.

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