Invisalign Review – Sometimes These Trays Destroy My Lips

This happens from time to time I’ve noticed and I’d like to talk about it a bit in my Invisalign Review. Every now and then, this has actually happened about five or six times since I’ve started with my Invisalign treatment. What happens is that the Invisalign trays (or only my Invisalign trays) seem to have some jagged edges near where the end of the tray is on my lower set of teeth. These jagged edges sometimes can be A big problem, I’ll explain why.

The Problem With The Jagged Edges

These jagged edges on my Invisalign trays are definitely a big downside to me and my Invisalign Review. What happens when I initially put them on my teeth is that the jagged edge of the Invisalign retainer seems to rub up against my gums and really irritate my mouth. It actually seems to rub up enough along the bottom side of my teeth that it feels like that there is a one inch long cole sore or canker sore that really hurts. It gets really old really fast and does not feel good. It’s basically constant chaffing between my gums and my lips. These Invisalign trays can be really jagged too!


This may actually be a really helpful part of my Invisalign Review for you. I’m documenting this so you might have some ideas for what to do when it happens to you when you’re going along with the treatment. It seems like the biggest thing that can act as a remedy to this problem is that you simply take the trays out for a couple of hours and let your mouth rest. When you put the trays back in, they feel a little bit tight on your teeth right off the bat but your gums definitely will feel better. Aren’t you glad I’m sharing this with you for my Invisalign Review. This is one of the biggest problems I’ve had while doing this Invisalign Review in terms of irritation and being uncomfortable while going through with the treatment.

What Else

Here’s an Invisalign Review question I have for anyone who knows the answer to it. The weird thing about this constant gum chaffing or whatever this thing is that feels like a giant cole sore caused by the jagged edge of one of my Invisalign trays is that it doesn’t happen with every Invisalign tray. This has only happened a few times and with certain trays which makes me feel that it could be bacteria related. Could this be related to my not cleaning my teeth properly or keeping up with the maintenance that it takes to continue with Invisalign? If you have any answer, please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it in my Invisalign Review.

Invisalign Review – I’ve Been Bad

Yesterday was my first Invisalign Review blog post back in a long time and It’s very good to be back. However I got to fill you in on something that I probably shouldnt be telling you or my dentist. I’ve been kind of bad or lazy with some of the cleaning of my Invisalign Retainers sometimes.

Lazy With Cleanings

Yes its true, I have been very lazy with the cleaning of my Invisalign Retainers lately and It’s been so bad that I didn’t even want to put this into my Invisalign Review. I know your probably thinking… oh no, this could be bad. Well it hasn’t really got bad yet and maybe it isnt that bad. The problem is, I’ve just been so busy. I’ve been sick of carrying my messy tooth brush around with me, sick of carrying my dental floss around with me, having to head home after ever time I snack or eat so lazy that sometimes I just swish some water around in my mouth, call it good and then put them back in for a little while until I can get home to brush.

I know it’s bad, Im just sick of all the maintenance. I still am managing to brush and flosh a alot though and will continue while doing my Invisalign Review, however it’s gotten to the point where I’m kind of getting tired of it. I know I’m almost hlf way done with my Invisalign Review and it has flown by so fast, however I must keep up with the work on my teeth and keep up with the cleanings or I might get cavities.

I’ve Been Busy

I think also a big part of why I havent been cleaning and why I havent kept up with my Invisalign Review is just because Ive been extremely busy lately and don’t know when it will calm down for me. Hopefully things calm down kind of soon because I’m getting pretty tired of working so hard on some work projects and have some family things going on. Hopefully things will get better but right now cleaning isn’t as big of an issue to me as keeping up with checking in with you guys on my Invisalign Blog or Invisalign Review. This invisalign blog sometimes can be the only thing that keeps me going with this invisalign review process although it’s not that bad, It just gets old sometimes.

My Invisalign Review still is going well and I still will continue to keep you post with my Invisalign Blog. Please keep checking back with my Invisalign Review as I’m going to be updating quite frequently. I really hope you enjoy my Invisalign Blog and hope that this will definitely help you to see if Invisalign is something for you.

Invisalign Review – I’m Back!!!

My Invisalign Review continues! Sorry for the delay everyone who has been following me. I’ve been extremely busy with working a few different jobs, family issues and a few others things going on. Also my dentist had to have the Invisalign people send for more trays at tray number ten. A lot has changed and my Invisalign Review progress is still going! Ok I’ll fill you in…

The picture above was taken right after my tenth Invisalign tray was done. I really feel like my teeth are changing! Its funny because a lot of the people who are around me a lot (friends, family, etc.) keep telling me that they definitely see a change in the look of my teeth. They say that my K9’s are starting to rotate in the right direction and my teeth that were pushed back are starting to come out more and become more aligned. Can you see a difference at all? When I look at the pictures I gotta be honest, I really don’t see that much of a change at all. I know my teeth are moving though because my bight is definitely changed a bit. It just feels different.

Waiting For Four Weeks With My Tenth Invisalign Tray

Yeah, for my Invisalign Review and treatment process, I had to hold on to the tenth tray for four weeks which I wasn’t too happy about but I realize that everything can’t follow are super disciplined schedule. The reason why I had to wait so long was for a few reasons. First, I couldn’t get an appointment with the dentist as soon as I would’ve liked because he was super busy and I couldn’t coordinate an open date due to work and trips. Second, Once I finally got into see my dentist, he had to “remold” or just approve my teeth so that I could continue with my Invisalign Review and the treatment process. My dentist told me that after tray number ten, we would have to re evaluate and see if Invisalign is working for me. The nice part was that he actually didn’t have to do molds of my teeth and “prove” it to the Invisalign people. All he had to do was to look and see if my teeth were moving, which they were, and if they were moving properly. After a short look, he told me that “everything looked great” and that we were ready to move on with another set of trays and the rest of my process.

So Things are definitely going well. I had a cleaning in late December and no cavities or no problems. Invisalign was actually making it easier to clean my teeth because it was creating room and eliminating some of the hard to get to places. I also have been keeping up with my basic cleaning. I still manage to snack a decent amount and I have gotten a little bit lazy with having to brush after every time I put food or a drink into my mouth. I’ll go into more of that in the next few blog posts. Anyways, everything is going great with my Invisalign Review! I’m almost half done too!!!

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